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Geometric Engineering Services

We introduce ourselves as” Geometric Engineering Services” is a register Consulting Engineering Survey Organization with comprehensive professional experience in various Survey & GIS Mapping

The company offer services in various survey fields such as:-

❖ Topographical & Contour Survey
❖ Mining / Volume Calculation
❖ Environmental Management System
❖ Land & Aviation Survey (Airport NOC)
❖ Hydrological Study
❖ DGPS Survey
❖ Fire Safety
❖ Pile & Building Layout
❖ GIS field survey
❖ Road Survey
❖ Geo-Technical investigation
❖ Water Resistivity Survey


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"AKANKHA" CB-3, Gr. Floor, Railpukur Road, Deshbandhu Nagar, Baguiati, Kolkata-700059 W.B

Phone: 9831035977 / 9433002750 / 9831291177

Email: cebm.mrics@gmail.com / ges.akankha@gmail.com
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